26 Apr 2018

GNOD Euro tour poster

GNOD are heading out on tour:

28 APRIL Liverpool / Wrong Festival / UK
29 APRIL Newcastle / The Cluny / UK
30 APRIL Glasgow / Broadcast / UK
01 MAY Hull / Adelphi / UK
02 MAY Manchester / Band on the Wall / UK
03 MAY  Sheffield / Picture House Social / UK
04 MAY  Brighton / Hope and Ruin / UK
05 MAY  Nijmegen / Doornroosje / Netherlands
06 MAY  Bruxelles / Magasin 4 / Belgium
08 MAY  Lille / La Malterie / France
09 MAY  Tilburg / 013 / Hall Of Fame / Netherlands

10 MAY  Utrecht / dB’s / Netherlands
11 MAY  Diksmuide / 4AD / Belgium
12 MAY Paris / Espace B France
13 MAY London / Moth Club / UK (ALBUM LAUNCH)


Poster for Hey Colossus / Anthroprophh London show revealed

Tickets from here: Baba Yaga's Hut


Backseat Mafia say some words about Lay Llamas track Holy Worms

They say:

Italians Lay Llamas last month announced that they were back with a new LP, Thuban, to be released on 15th June on Rocket Recordings. This week they have revealed the video for the second single to be taken from the album, ‘Holy Worms’.

The catchy track features all the elements you would want from a Lay Llamas track, catchy atonal percussion, edgy effected lyrics and intoxicating riffs that will entrance. For those unfamiliar with the band, in a nutshell, this is who they are.

See the piece here: Backseat Mafia


White Lodge reviews Rocket Twenty Weekender

It reads (roughly translated):

Great psychedelic mass: The 20 years of the Rocket Recordings label at the Garage!
To celebrate its 20th birthday, the English label Rocket Recordings organized on March 9th, 10th and 11th three nights of concerts bringing together the bands of the label for a great psychedelic mass.

Friday, March 9
The Flowers Must Die formation returned the honor of opening hostilities, with a space rock with oriental influences. The pieces unfold like mantras and take us directly into another dimension. 

We then climb to the bar area at the top of the room to witness Ahrkh's sound experiments . Leaning on his machines, the member of the GNOD collective gives us a more experimental set. His mastery of overtone singing on ambient music completes us into other spheres.

Julie's Haircut takes over on stage. Although the music is quality we are slightly less carried away. The fault with technical problems that seem to frustrate the group, and we also at the same time...

See the full piece here: White Lodge


25 Apr 2018

Gigwise say some words on Negra Branca's remix of Lay Llamas

They say:

Remember the other week when we took our sanity in our hands and recommended you listen to Lay Llamas’ new single ‘Silver Sun’? A “grainy garage rock” epic, we said, including bits that sounded like Super Furry Animals playing a gig in a rainforest and a saxophonist having paroxysms?

Well, apparently, Lay Llamas mainman Nicola Giunta mustn’t have thought this was wild-ass enough. So the Italian psych-pop maestro got Negra Branca – aka Gnod soundscapist Marlene Ribiero – to hammer away at it for her ‘Red Sun Remix’, and the results are, fittingly, scorch-hot. It opens with some rainforest-at-dawn electronic mating calls, through which ventures an adventurous saxophonist, hunting for rare breeds of insecticide jazz. Then those drone basslines kick in and the whole thing dives deep underwater like a krautrock The Life Aquatic. Is that a school of mephedrone sharks sweeping by? Is that a nagging madsaxjazz fish spraying its poison? And is that a choir of mermaids intoning “red sun, green sun” from a coral reef perch? Or have we had way too much of whatever Ribiero’s on?

Let Giunta explain. “I was so surprised by [Negra Branca’s] different sonic and performing mood compared to her GNOD one. Her layering of female voice melodies on dubby rhythmic patterns mixed with foggy synth sounds, samples and other weird stuff. It reminds me so much of some stuff from the first Lay Llamas debut tape - that same 'space jungle mantra' atmosphere but led by female magic singing. She accelerated that 'space jungle' to land it on a 'space highway'... at lightspeed.”

Well quite. But don’t just take us nutters’ word for it – listen to the track yourself 

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Turn-up the Volume say some words about Lay llamas new single 'Holy Worms'

They say:

LAY LLAMAS is the mind-expanding sonic project of experienced Italian sound explorer Nicola Giunta. Assisted by an extensive squad of like-minded musicians his new album, titled THUBAN will be out next June. Ahead of that release here’s new track/clip HOLY WORMS. An atmospheric and cinematic groove, obviously inspired by Eastern vibes and African beats à la 80s Talking Heads. Dancey, trippy and sunlit. Watch here how divine worms move to tropical beats…

See the piece here: Turn up the Volume


Listen to Negra Branca's remix of Lay Llamas track 'Silver Sun'

Negra Branca, which is Marlene Ribeiro from GNOD's solo project has created her first ever remix and it is for the track Silver Sun by Lay Llamas', listen above.

The track is available as the bside for the digital single 'Holy Worm'.

You can also stream both tracks on Spotify & Apple Music  

or buy it digitally from here: Bandcamp

Nicola from Lay Llamas said this about the remix:

"As Lay Llamas in 2014 I was lucky enough to shared the stage with the magnific GNOD a couple of time. And if you know GNOD a bit you can understand of what powerful and intense show I'm talking about. Well, that was the first time I saw Marlene on stage playing her blue/white coloured Fender Jazz Bass. So a couple of years later I recognize this mesmerizing sound stuff called NEGRA BRANCA. It's Marlene's solo project. I was so surprised by the different sonic and perfoming mood compared to the GNOD one. Here layering of female voice melodies on dubby rhythmic pattern mixed with foggy synth sounds, samples and other wierd stuff. It reminds me so much some stuff from first Lay Llamas debut tape. That same 'space jungle mantra' atmosphere but leaded by a female magic singing. Also for this reason I asked to Marlene to sort out a remix work for 'Silver Sun' track. She said me that is her first remix work ever! The result she sent me a couple of weeks later my request it was really amazing. She accelerated that 'space jungle' to land it on a 'space highways'...at lightspeed. And that hypnotic female vocal melodies are still there: GREEN SUN, RED SUN. Again and again. To the end of the time.”  
Nicola Giunta/Lay Llamas